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VirtECS is a powerful tool for managing the timeline of any business. VirtECS adds considerable value to investments in data systems because it provides a way of organizing and integrating data in a goal-oriented way. VirtECS can be used to perform sensitivity analysis to determine which data is most important. In this way VirtECS can help to cut data costs by allowing companies to focus attention on data that matters the most. VirtECS can also help companies get the most out of process improvement methodology, such as Six Sigma approaches, because VirtECS models can be used to predict the bottom-line impact of proposed improvements. Process improvement effort can be avoided when a bottleneck is not impacted and the impact of variability can be assessed to determine how bottlenecks dynamically shift in response to variability.

The technology underlying VirtECS represents a revolutionary advance in optimizing process performance. For example, VirtECS has a revolutionary mathematical solver that has been designed to address the complex nature of the problems that are intrinsic to optimizing process performance and that stymie older technologies. Its mathematical capabilities enable VirtECS to provide intuitive insight into how to accommodate many choices, uncertainty, and variability. In fact, VirtECS was designed from the ground up to comprehensively optimize process behavior over time, support the understanding of process physics with easy to use mathematics behind the scenes, and to embody a constraint-based approach to improving performance. The VirtECS Resource Task Network (RTN) framework can describe any real-world manufacturing process and provides structure to data from Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and process historians. The VirtECS solver was designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with the RTN framework to automatically handle real world processes and provide users intuitive control to influence answers when needed.

VirtECS has been successfully implemented in a variety of industries



VirtECS has been extensively applied to Drug Substance and Drug Product applications at many of the leading companies.  VirtECS brings a level of innovation to manufacturing that life science advances have brought to biologics products.


Discrete Manufacturing

Assembly manufacturing is what makes modern society possible with smart phones, inexpensive electronics, embedded electronics, and a whole range of products that were only in imagination just a few years ago.  VirtECS helps manufacturers minimize inventory, eliminate waste, and maximize throughput. VirtECS can also facilitate new product introduction and rolling maintenance to keep facilities operating even while keeping them well tuned. In short, VirtECS provides a faithful virtual manufacturing facility that allows customers to try out and optimize ideas and trust that they can work in practice.  In scheduling the shop floor VirtECS puts those ideas in daily practice so reality matches design.

Discrete Manufacturing


Consumer Products, and Make-Store-Pack

VirtECS is able to address the specialized and common constraints that arise in consumer products, food products, and the highly utilized and versatile Make-Store-Pack family of processes.  In particular these related areas involve specialized cleaning, complex chemistries, packing considerations, high numbers of SKUs, sequence dependent setup, and process storage considerations.


Specialty Processes and VirtECS

VirtECS is a revolutionary and very powerful framework for modeling, optimizing, and scheduling virtually any modern manufacturing process.  Whereas older technologies are often found in a niche or two, VirtECS has been effectively applied across a wide variety of industries. This has been made possible by a unique, well researched, and highly developed technology stack that is unmatched.  A VirtECS project typically pays for itself in only a few months by eliminating waste, reducing idle time, controlling inventory, and organizing resources to maximize throughput. In the hands of an experienced user VirtECS is an incredibly powerful tool for supporting regular process improvement.  VirtECS especially excels at being adapted to highly specialized unit operations and then optimizing these unit operations within the context of the overall process.