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VirtECS Scheduler

VirtECS customers often have previously experienced difficulties addressing scheduling.  Frequently this has stemmed from trying older technologies that have proved inadequate in describing and/or responding to all pertinent constraints of the problem.  In such cases, it is typical that day to day scheduling is still being done using sophisticated, if cumbersome, spreadsheets. Customers with the tenacity to develop spreadsheets sense that there should be an elegant approach to improving their business and addressing complexity that provides a foundation for constant improvement. VirtECS was developed to fill this tremendous opportunity space and offer a complement to spreadsheet analysis that handles many choices, provides high fidelity, and externalizes knowledge so that everyone can benefit and use VirtECS.  Whereas spreadsheet can often only be used by their creators, VirtECS makes its knowledge investment widely available and readily usable.

VirtECS Scheduler

APCI has extensive experience in applying VirtECS technology to add value for customers and in training customers to use VirtECS themselves to provide the greatest impact in applying a VirtECS virtual plant model to optimize real world behavior.

VirtECS Design, Analysis, and Debottlenecking:

VirtECS excels at providing faithful virtual copies of complex manufacturing processes.  VirtECS try out proposed process improvements and determine which package will result in the best path forward.  In this way VirtECS targets effort to do the most good.

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VirtECS Production Planning:

VirtECS can be used to determine appropriate safety stock levels and/or how much excess capacity is available for surge opportunities. VirtECS can assist with new product introduction or recipe changes and long range VirtECS planning can help ensure foresight in activities that keep plants optimized over time.

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