What can I do with VirtECS® Scheduler?

Capacity Analysis

VirtECS Scheduler takes the guesswork out of important strategic decisions, helps manage uncertainty, and lets you efficiently update plans when the underlying situation changes. With VirtECS Scheduler you simply define the process and automatically explore the various options. VirtECS Scheduler helps identify data critical to process performance.


Armed with a VirtECS Scheduler model of your process, you can know the effect of process modifications before investing in new equipment. VirtECS Scheduler can automatically predict the value of the proposed changes so you can invest wisely.

Production Planning

VirtECS Scheduler automatically predicts performance over a wide range of conditions letting you focus on strategy and not get mired in details, which VirtECS Scheduler accurately handles so you can be sure of the results.

Finite Capacity Scheduling

VirtECS Scheduler creates only “real world” schedules. VirtECS Scheduler generates realistic schedules that can be executed. The approach taken by many other systems is to generate a schedule that neglect bothersome but critical details and they leave the planner to handle the missing details to create a real world schedule.

Process Modeling

For customers with in-house process modeling and engineering capability, VirtECS Scheduler provides an extremely powerful and flexible platform on which to construct process-specific capacity analysis and scheduling tools. For experienced modelers, VirtECS Scheduler provides an intuitive approach for enforcing process constraints and optimized solutions beyond what is possible with traditional simulation.

What to Know Before You Buy

caveatEmptorChoosing the scheduling solution that is right for your operation is an important decision. Get it right. Here are some things to consider before you buy.


Have Questions?

Feel free to contact APC with general questions, to discuss a decision problem in detail, or to see a demo of a product.


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