Production Planning

Maximize Throughput

With any plant or process, it is critical to get the maximum return from your capital investment. When capacity is limited, it is especially important to generate schedules that maximize throughput. VirtECS Scheduler not only delivers flexible daily schedules, but also you gives you the tools to identify better options faster.

Powerful Process Modeling

VirtECS Scheduler allows fully automatic schedule generation and detailed process models, allowing you to change process parameters such as yields, rates, setup times, as well as target inventory levels and even the number of process vessels.

Extensive Scenario Analysis

When there are many separate options to consider for process improvement, the number of different combinations to consider can be staggering. That’s where the ability to automatically vary plant parameters and generate feasible schedules automatically can save considerable time and money, and allow you to look at options that might have been missed before.

Identify Effective Changes

By exploring a spectrum of possible process or policy changes, VirtECS Scheduler can help you identify the most productive change – or set of changes – which can improve your plant’s overall capacity or throughput. VirtECS Scheduler can also consider economic factors such as the expected benefit versus the cost of the recommended change.

Foster Continuous Improvement

With traditional initiatives to consider process improvements, the time and effort to identify a course of action can be significant. With the powerful strategic planning capabilities of VirtECS Scheduler, the quest for continuous process improvement need not be a one shot deal. Demand levels and resource bottlenecks are not static – use VirtECS Scheduler to monitor the dynamic variables which limit your plant’s capacity.

Simulation and Optimization

If your operation has uncertain demands or variable yields, VirtECS Scheduler can use sophisticated Monte Carlo sampling techniques to help you respond rapidly to variability.

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