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Capacity Analysis and Process Improvement VirtECS Scheduler takes the guesswork out of important strategic decisions, helps manage uncertainty, and let's you efficiently update plans when the underlying situation changes. VirtECS Scheduler is an equation based optimization system with a user interface that lets you concentrate on your problem and not the mathematical details. With VirtECS Scheduler you simply define the processes that provide products and/or services and automatically explore the various equipment, facility, and capacity analysis options. VirtECS Scheduler helps identify which data is driving an answer so attention can be focused where it matters most.

"What would our plant capacity be if we added a third packaging line?"

Armed with a VirtECS Scheduler model of your process, you can know the answer to this question before investing in new equipment. VirtECS Scheduler can automatically generate a year's worth of high quality schedules without human intervention, letting you analyze the performance of proposed process modifications. This gives your engineers unmatched ability to evaluate the effect of process modifications on makespan and throughput, optimizing the return on investment in process changes.

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