VirtECS® Scheduler

  • Real Schedules - Detailed virtual process or plant models that allow you to quickly try what-ifs with confidence.
  • Real Analysis - Manage your process or plant by minimizing cost, reducing labor, maximizing customer service, or any objective important to your business.
  • Real Value - VirtECS Scheduler projects are done on time and on budget and you do not pay for the software until you know it works

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VirtECS creates only “real world feasible” schedules. Generating schedules for a process is not really all that difficult, but generating schedules that are feasible and can be executed by your operations personnel is another matter entirely. The approach taken by many other systems is to generate a schedule which is ‘almost correct’ by modeling the operation with simple rules or simplified constraints; they leave the details of creating a real world schedule as an exercise to the planner. The problem is that when there are real constraints on the system, the suggested schedule may be useless.

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