In-house Customization With MyVirtECS® API

MyVirtECS is an Application Programmers' Interface (API) built on top of the VirtECS Scheduling System. This product is intended for customers who desire tools for building their own process models and maintaining and extending process models built for them by APC. MyVirtECS developers have access to the VirtECS model building interface and solution algorithm, allowing them to build models and customize the solution. MyVirtECS is an extension of the standard VirtECS system, so that users have access to all of the core GUI features.

For customers with in-house process modeling and engineering capabilty, MyVirtECS provides an extremely powerful and flexible platform on which to construct process-specific capacity analysis and scheduling tools. For experienced modellers, MyVirtECS provides an intuitive approach for enforcing process constraints and optimized solutions beyond what is possible with traditional simulation.

With MyVirtECS® You Can:

  • Customize a process model using a template as a starting point or,
  • build a new process model from a spreadsheet, database, or XML data source, or
  • use the VirtECS Model Editor to build or maintain a process model.
  • Use default scheduling logic built into the core VirtECS system or,
  • customize some or all of the scheduling algorithm in order to enforce unique process constraints or preferences.

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