Warehouse Layout Optimization

The recent explosion in the number of skus can play havoc with warehouse efficiency. A picking system that was satisfactory with 200 skus may be woefully inadequate with 500 or more. Some of our customers are constantly re-optimizing their warehouse layouts to streamline picking and minimize labor costs. DPS is easily configured to conform to specialized palletization rules, e.g. palletizing by sku sequence or separating pallets into A, B, and C classes that are picked in different parts of the warehouse.

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How Does VirtECS DPS Work? What's Special about APC Palletization? | Automated Palletization | Optimized Pallets | Optimized Utilization of Truck Space | Print On Demand | Work Distribution | Insightful Reporting

VirtECS® DPS Optimizes a Coca-Cola Bottling Facility

This industry newsletter documents that VirtECS provides 30-40% improvement in labor productivity, eliminates picking errors, enables paperless operation, and frees management from tedium to focus on more strategic activities.


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