How do I make money with DPS?

DPS, on average, saves customers 38% per case.

  • Mispicks are significantly reduced.
  • Training costs for new workers are reduced significantly.
  • Real time status updates help reduce overtime costs by projecting the amount and type of overtime needed early in the shift.


Some of our competitors proudly report pick rates of 160 cases per hour. APC customers enjoy rates well above 250. The economic impact of this difference is easy to calculate: Assuming a $20/hour total labor cost, a picker doing 160 cases costs $0.13/case. With DPS allowing 250 cases to be picked per hour, the cost per case goes down to $0.08. Saving a nickel per case adds up quickly - a warehouse moving 10 million cases per year would see an annual labor savings of $500,000. A state of the art palletization algorithm really is the engine of an efficient picking operation.

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Increased Productivity | Key Benefits

VirtECS® DPS Optimizes a Coca-Cola Bottling Facility

This industry newsletter documents that VirtECS provides 30-40% improvement in labor productivity, eliminates picking errors, enables paperless operation, and frees management from tedium to focus on more strategic activities.


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