Insightful Reporting

The POD module can generate a variety of reports that can be analyzed to improve operations. A key benefit of the DPS system is the ability to get accurate information on progress, pick rates and status immediately during the shift instead of days or weeks later.

Monitor Pallet Status

The DPS console displays the pick status of individual pallets on a real time basis. This information may be filtered a wide variety of choice including route, date, truck class, truck description, and pick type.


Monitor And Manage Routes

When using the Print On Demand module DPS shows the loading status of each route (NotReady, Ready, or Loading). A single clicks shows who is picking on each truck. The dispatcher can release routes for picking, and manage the number of pickers on a route and how many tickets they are assigned, allowing him to manage the day's work.


Individual Pick Rates

Ultimately, it's important to be able to identify who is pulling their own weight. The Print On Demand module provides a realtime breakdown of each picker's current productivity. This enables proactive supervision and management of the workforce.


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VirtECS® DPS Optimizes a Coca-Cola Bottling Facility

This industry newsletter documents that VirtECS provides 30-40% improvement in labor productivity, eliminates picking errors, enables paperless operation, and frees management from tedium to focus on more strategic activities.


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