Increased Productivity

productivity.pngThe ability of DPS to automatically generate ready-to-pick pallets yields substantial productivity gains. Pickers no longer have to spend time and effort converting a long list of order items into a set of pallets. All of their time is spent on picking and loading the truck. With DPS you will find that newly hired pickers are soon producing the same pick rates as experienced pickers.

And the Print On Demand module eliminates the need to pre-print and collate stacks of tickets, and to spot check picking rates for the workers. Managers and supervisors are freed to spend their time in more productive ways. Moreover DPS with Print On Demand provides a real time status report of who is doing what and how much picking remains, allowing for improved coordination of the workforce.

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Make Money With VirtECS DPS | Key Benefits

VirtECS® DPS Optimizes a Coca-Cola Bottling Facility

This industry newsletter documents that VirtECS provides 30-40% improvement in labor productivity, eliminates picking errors, enables paperless operation, and frees management from tedium to focus on more strategic activities.


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