Optimized Utilization of Truck Space

Bulk or Box Trucks

optimizeTruck.pngHigh quality pallets are of little use if they don't fit in the assigned truck. DPS builds pallets specifically for the truck that is to carry them. For box trucks, this means ordering the pallets so that the last pallets picked will be the first pallets delivered. Sometimes box trucks are encountered that are overfull, the orders for that day may require more pallets than the truck can carry. DPS has sophisticated built-in rules that are automatically invoked to increase the space utilization by piggy-backing smaller pallets destined for the same customer. This happens automatically so your warehouse manager and pickers do not have to handle these exceptional situations. The pick tickets will indicate an upper and lower pallet for the truck slot so the picker knows these pallets are to be stacked. Of course, DPS will always produce a lower pallet that is completely flat so the upper may be placed on top of it in the truck.

Sideload Trucks

Sideload trucks are an entity unto themselves, and they require specialized optimization logic. The bays may be of many different sizes and heights. In addition, some bays are equipped with shelves, others are not. Certain routes may work best if particular skus or package types are on the right side of the truck. Heavy items are difficult and even dangerous to handle in wheel bays. Trucks may be palletized by order, by package type, or some hybrid combination of the two.

DPS has been highly optimized and refined over years of daily operations to deal with all of the fine points of sideload truck palletization. For example, when placing a five layer pallet of 2L bottles in a bay, DPS considers the set of skus on that pallet and determines whether the pallet should be split into a three layer bottom and two layer top in order to minimize the driver's work in filling orders. Here all of the skus (shown by color) are easily reachable by the driver.

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VirtECS® DPS Optimizes a Coca-Cola Bottling Facility

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