Fully Automated Palletization

DPS palletization is completely automatic. Choose which routes to palletize, click once and a minute later you have a set of fully palletized trucks for the day with tickets ready to be printed and picked. No time is wasted tweaking pallets or rearranging trucks. The key to creating quality pallets is DPS's flexibility and experience with beverage warehouses.

fullyAutomatedPalletization_shadow2.pngDPS was designed specifically for the beverage industry and has been refined over a decade of use. Performance is optimized to build stable pallets while minimizing sku splitting to maximize picking efficiency. DPS knows how to handle the specialized items encountered in the beverage industry, CO2 canisters and racks, Bag-In-Box containers, etc. DPS is flexible enough to handle the variety of layer picking configurations encountered in beverage warehouses. Some of our customers separate layer and manual picking. Others layer pick the bottom half of the pallets to provide a stable base on which manual cases are placed. DPS is used on a daily basis to pick tens of millions of cases per year and palletization is always automatic.

The palletization rules used in DPS are the result of years of working closely with some of the highest volume distributors in the world, and reflect the combined knowledge of experienced warehouse managers, pickers and drivers. To aid in the refinement of these rules, we developed a GUI based truck viewer that provides users with the ability to easily see and critique both individual pallets and entire truck layouts showing the use of wheel bays and optional shelves in sideload trucks.

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VirtECS® DPS Optimizes a Coca-Cola Bottling Facility

This industry newsletter documents that VirtECS provides 30-40% improvement in labor productivity, eliminates picking errors, enables paperless operation, and frees management from tedium to focus on more strategic activities.


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